Protagonist. ODDEND and Resistance leader/visionary.
Writer, graphic artist, shout-poetry reading, rap for ODDEND band.
100% Human?

She is a visionary, opinion-leader, and freedom-chaser.
Has short temper but otherwise free-spirited and gentle looking.
Curious and wants to know everything.

Until the year 2044, RIshion has been living a normal life in Raid City Tokyo with her father…
but always filled with questions that she got no answer from anyone about.
Inspired by the music of the past (present day), she creates the band, ODDEND.

She chases after her definition of freedom -
which is a space for her to freely express herself, as well as finding who she truly is.

Loves: Snacks, video game (adventure/RPG), manga, sushi, music
Hates: Lies, boredom


Guitarist for ODDEND band.
50% human 50% alien.

She is elegant, sensitive, and rational.
Levi is like a mature older-sister to the energetic and child-like Rishion.
You never see her break her cool.

Levi meets Rishion in the Hidden Area where she works part time for MADVODY Lab due to her interest in science. By night, she is a professional FPS player and streamer.

Reminded of the innocence and recklessness of showing pure emotions like anger from Rishion and Rishion’s habit of always questioning everything, the always cool-minded Levi feels the desire to help RIshion.

Loves: Anime/manga, cosplay, video game, fashion, science, raw meat
Hates: Cleanliness, slimy creatures (ex: frogs), vegans


Keyboard and DJ for ODDEND.
100% Cat alien.

Curious, has his own flow, follows his instincts. Diligent in studying what interests him, editor, device-maniac and history-lover.

Sisi has a collection of rare and deadstock gadgets in his Raid City house, which was collected in his ventures to the Hidden Area. His house has become a hidden collection shop where residents with common interests come and converse.

Until meeting Rishion, hiding his heart’s desires under the watchful eye of Mother AI has become his mundane. He wishes for a world where he doesn’t have to lock up his utmost passion.

Loves: Cat food, history, home appliances, hats, infomercial, records, dried fish, fermented beans, Japanese sake
Hates: hard-headed adults, ghost stories, carrots, octopus


The pod transforms and takes care of all sound systems, visual and lighting equipment for the ODDEND band.
100% Alien?

Has an immeasurable IQ but acts normal.
Can get obsessive, especially over his endless updates for his multipurpose pod he always rides in.

Ran into Rishion when she was a little girl. Fem took an immediate liking to her somewhat always uncomfortable face in this world. He thought, “she will be a hero, to me, and perhaps, to the world”. From there, they became friends and Fem sticks by Rishion wherever she goes.

Loves: Band T shirts, math, studying, interviewing, observing, energy drinks, space food, urban legends, occult.
Hates: things he can not understand or know


Mixer for ODDEND band.
100% Unknown

Mad scientist. illegal avatar maker and owner of MADVODY lab in the Hidden Area. A scientist by heart and in research, he became madly obsessed with “mixing” things. First small things, later into doing the unthinkable…mixing souls(ghost) with bodies (vody avatar).

Meets Rishion in his MADVODY lab and becomes intrigued in her activity, as it can possibly further his research…and perhaps flip the whole world upside down to normalize the uniqueness he always hid.

His goal is to mix everything and anything. There is nothing that can not be mixed.

Loves: Materials, cooking,minerals, human body, anatomy, wine, masks, bondage, noise, cheese
Hates: Old fashioned systems, walking, dieting, swimming, things that can’t be dismantled.