2044 STORY

The year is 2044, one year before Singularity.
The lines between real and virtual have melted away.

In this future utopian dystopia is Rishion,
a girl and a dreamer living in Raid City Tokyo,
a virtual city mirroring the meatspace world.

There is no longer a need to "express" anything new, for
art, self expression and creativity, have all been shunned and restricted
by the AI master - mother AI.

In such a world,
Rishion learns about the past from a found old iPhone
and discovers creativity, as well as the beauty of humans;
for they freely express emotions.

She rebels against the system by forming a music band "ODDEND"
even if all odds are against her.

This was the start of their journey
to find where humans truly belong.

The year is 2044

I hate this place. It’s boring as ever…
Everything is controlled by Mother-AI and even though it all looks real,
it’s all fake. What can you trust? Who can you trust?

Ugh. Shut UP!
Just... Can someone take me away from this sh*t city?

We can go to India or Mars in a few seconds,
but how does that really help me find where I belong? I'm totally lost...
What am I here for? Where are my people?

Voice Log over, Rishion.